Tripoli Gallery

Bruce M. Sherman is an artist who lives and works in New York. Recent exhibitions include (2015) Thomas Duncan Gallery, LA, “Calisthenics,” curated by Matt Paweski; Martos Gallery, LA, “What’s Wrong With We?” curated by Pierre­Arnaud Doucede; Blackston Gallery, NYC, “Vessels;” White Columns, NYC, Solo exhibition and David Lewis Gallery, NYC, "The Bar at the end of the Night." In 2014, he was included with White Columns at NADA, Miami; Brennan and Griffin Gallery, NYC, "If you throw a spider out the window, does it break?" curated by Adrianne Rubenstein; Eli Ping Frances Perkins Gallery, NYC, "Soft Shock" curated by Lucie Fontaine and South Willard, LA, Solo Exhibition, "What is Your Original Face?” And in 2013: Fitzroy Gallery, NYC, "For June, Just Ask Alice," curated by Amy Granat. Marianne Boesky Gallery, NYC, "Estate," curated by Lucy Fontaine. Previously, Sherman exhibited at Gavlak Gallery, Palm Beach, “Think Pink,” curated by Beth Rudin DeWoody; Front Desk Apparatus, NYC, "Plus B," curated by Amy Granat. Museo Regional Michiacanao Morelia,Mexico, "Six Americans." Sherman’s drawings are featured in Dr. Fran Shaw’s newly published book “Lord Have Murphy: Waking Up in the Spiritual Marketplace.”